Whether you ride solo or in a pack, it’s always nice to explore new territory and find great cake.

During these new COVID-aware times, more people are taking up cycling to improve their cardio conditioning and reduce weight. One thing all cyclists know is that riding regularly can push you past your normal comfort zone, if you want it to – and help to justify that piece of cake.

But where to have the cake?

It wasn’t too long ago that the cycling community was mainly served by church porches, tea rooms and service stations. Today, the hospitality sector has woken up to the popularity of outdoor pursuits and new concepts abound.

One of those taking an inclusive approach and catering to all needs is The Stag at Mentmore, which is why Fully Charged Silverstone is so pleased to be working with them.


Talking to The Stag’s team, some of whom are cyclists themselves, it’s clear they know who passes through their village and what those people want: somewhere friendly to sit and chat over coffee, in surroundings designed to welcome the weary cyclist – whatever their style of riding.

The Stag promises to be a stop-off point for walkers and cyclists, while also meeting the needs of non-cycling diners and drinkers looking for a great vibe and high quality.

The Stag is keen to provide support for all kinds of cyclists. Fully Charged is a dedicated eBike specialist but we know that e-Bikers often ride alongside analogue pals – yes, despite the cry of ‘that’s cheating’ that the eBiker often hears, cycling camaraderie persists across all pedal-powered machines.

Mentmore is conveniently located at the top of a hill from all directions, and you can make getting there as much of a challenge as you want it to be. Riding an e-Bike makes it a breeze but, whichever level of challenge you choose, it’s great to have a place to stop at the top and enjoy the view with an excellent pub thrown in.

For more information about Fully Charged Silverstone, call 01865 522122. www.fullycharged.com/silverstone


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