It’s no secret that as a planet, we are facing an environmental crisis. I’m sure everybody can agree, we should collaboratively be working to avoid such impact. I believe we can work towards reversing the negative impacts we’ve been seeing and imposing on the planet through being more mindful when it comes to our food choices. There is no need to completely change our diets and lifestyles, but by being more aware and selective of where our food has come from and how it has arrived on our plates, we can surely make a difference.

The meat and dairy industries are often held accountable for huge amounts of global emissions, which can be quite true with certain farming methods but there are farmers across the country working towards lowering their environmental impact. Some even have goals of being climate positive.

If you source your beef from a local farm shop, as we intend to from farmers such as Rob Pratt of Marbled meats in Northall, you can shake off any guilt knowing that the meat was produced in a way where sustainability, environmental impact and animal welfare are at the forefront of his ethos. Rob is a part of the “Pasture for life” scheme and is also lined up to be part of a pilot scheme supporting farmers in regenerative Agriculture. With all of these benefits aside, buying local more often than not means you are supporting somebody passionate about their produce and in return, you will most likely have a far superior product compared to what you can buy from supermarkets.

In addition to being more mindful of where produce has come from, there are great alternatives that can make a difference too. Take avocados as an example, plenty of people enjoy smashed avocado on toast with some soft poached eggs, yolks oozing out. At The Stag we intend to swap out Avocados for broad beans to replicate this dish with a product we can grow in our own climate. Everything tastes better when grown in its season and without detrimental environmental side effects.

At The Stag we are aiming to be environmentally friendly wherever possible, with supporting local suppliers and producers at the heart of what we do, whilst serving up food and drinks we are passionate about and I hope you will enjoy them with us soon.


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